Skoda Xanthi FC - FC PAOK Thessaloniki

Date: 2014-12-07T14:00:00


Prediction: Loss


Most times the next event is a draw for PAOK.



The power of tradition is strong. Previous games commonly finish in an away upset. Our model collides with bookmakers. Beacuse of that a loss is an interesting prediction. The fixture should, without a doubt result in a win for the visiting team. Usually Xanthi is conceding lots of chances by their opponents. They are a poor team. Analyzing earlier events between these teams at home for Xanthi, they traditionally end in a loss for Xanthi. Xanthi has dropped in the league just now. At home Xanthi has won four meetings in a row. Often the following meeting is a draw for them. PAOK has won two games in line. Most times the following fixture is a win for them. In recent times the visitors have been in very good shape. Frequently PAOK is allowing a lot of shots by their opponents. They are a terrible side. Just now the visitors has dropped in the championship. The shape of the visitors drops. Most times the next event is a draw for PAOK. PAOK has a hectic schedule having had a game no more than three days ago.