FC Porto - FC Famalicao

Date: 2019-10-27T18:30:00

Venue: Pier Giovanni Mecchia

Prediction: Win


Most times FC Famalicao draw the preceding fixture.


FC Famalicao

A home win will, without hesitation be the end of this fixture. Porto has won six successive fixtures. They often win the preceding event. The last games Porto has persisted strong form. Porto is a tremendous side frequently outshooting the opposition. At home Porto has won eight straight games. Porto often lose the next fixture. The side of Gianfranco Borgato has had a break for 27 days from league fixtures. Recent form of FC Famalicao rises. The visitors has won four straight matches. Most times FC Famalicao draw the preceding fixture. FC Famalicao has won two matches in line away from home. Generally FC Famalicao draw the following match. In recent times it has been written negative things about the visitors on Twitter.