Cambuur - De Graafschap

Date: 2015-11-27T20:00:00

Venue: Cambuur Stadion

Prediction: Win


Current shape of Henk De Jongs team falls.


De Graafschap

Betbots model is in contratiction with bookmakers. Scince that the win could be a good prediction. Current shape of Henk De Jongs team falls. Cambuur has a awful defence line. They concede a large number of goals. Frequently Cambuur is allowing a lot of shots by the opposition. They are a terrible team. At Cambuur Stadion Cambuur has played a draw for four straight meetings. Generally Cambuur win the following game. In recent times the visiting team has persisted bad shape. The visiting team has lost four successive meetings. Often the following event is a loss for De Graafschap. De Graafschap is a poor club usually conceding lots of chances by their opponents. Having a very bad defence the side of Jan Vreman gives up lots of goals.