Inter - Verona

Date: 2015-09-23T20:45:00

Venue: Giuseppe Meazza

Prediction: Win


They had a game three days ago.



The tradition within football is big. These meetings traditionally end in home wins. A home win may very well be the finish of the meeting. Nerazzurri has won five games in a row. Often they draw the following meeting. Inter is a strong side usually dominating the opposition. At Giuseppe Meazza Inter has won three events in line. Most times the preceding fixture is a draw for Inter. Just now Inter has gained positions in the championship. Nerazzurri is on a tight time for recovery. They had a game three days ago. Mussi Volanti has played a draw for two successive games. In general the following game is a draw for them. Verona has few days of time for recovery. They competed three days ago.